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Retention Pond Maintenance Atlanta.GA

Simply put, retention ponds can be you or your organization’s best property friend, or worst property enemy. It all depends upon the retention pond’s location, functionality, and upkeep. We have all seen green and orange, soupy-looking, smelly basins. Then again, most property managers also envy a well-kept, regularly-maintained, strategically-located retention pond, as well.

Retention Ponds|Basins Functions – Atlanta

At PKS Paving, we understand the 3-fold purpose of retention ponds, to catch water runoff, remove pollutants & litter from the premises, and to create a nice aesthetic appearance while serving the two previous functions.

Our project managers listen to client input, evaluate the lay of the land, and design a practical and pretty retention basin for you. By the same token, we can also repair and alter existing retention ponds to restore them to their original status, or make them better than they ever were to begin with. We also handle routine retention pond maintenance of all types.

Retention Pond Maintenance – Atlanta

Generally speaking, there needs to be some constant water movement in retention ponds & retention basins, and aeration. Regular retention pond maintenance is required to keep the water movement intact, and to prevent unwanted nasty buildups. The idea is to keep surface water moving, while letting liquid near the bottom remain relatively still.

Often an extra fountain or system is added to direct this activity. We are the team for the job. PKS provides sensible runoff solutions that are practical and look nice. A simple telephone call (404) 401-8551 to our staff will secure you a free on-site estimate or formal written bid for whatever pond maintenance, repairs, or new retention pond construction you need.

Our goal is to help you, and to create a good working relationship with our clients. Thanks for reviewing our website. We hope to hear from you soon.

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