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Paving Contractor Atlanta, GA

At PKS Paving (404) 401-8551, our aim is to serve our clientele in the most efficient way with the best work possible. Your money cannot be wasted or misused in trying economic times.

Asphalt Paving Contractors

Asphalt is our strong suit. As asphalt paving contractors, we specialize in all asphalt projects, particularly driveways and parking lots. Our team knows the ins and outs because of the years of experience working within this field.

Concrete Paving Contractors

Concrete is also a PKS specialty. We are extremely familiar with concrete and work with it on a regular basis. As concrete paving contractors, we often use concrete to install driveways, sidewalks, patios, pool decks, sports courts, parking areas, commercial walkways, and amid industrial areas. Concrete is lasting and can be colored, stained, and stamped for adding to your decorative design.

Paving Services Provided Atlanta

Being Atlanta’s paving contractor of choice we provide a number of paving services and a variety of paving projects. This means we have the ability to repair existing surfaces, as well as the means to replace them. We are able to communicate with our customers and make sure they are satisfied with any asphalt or concrete project they choose.

Some paving services/projects we provide include:

a) Crack-filling

b) Striping Pavement/Parking Lots

c) Pothole Repair

d) Sealing Pavement

e) Pavement Replacement/Overlays

f) New Pavement Pouring/Finishing

g) Concrete & Asphalt Maintenance

h) Drainage Repair/Grading

i) New Driveways

j) Driveway Replacements

k) Parking Lots

l) Pavement Overlays

m) Sidewalks

n) Patios

o) Walkways/Commercial Areas

p) Pool Decks

q) Drainage Flumes

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